Interested in Being a Scribe?

Being a scribe offers you the invaluable opportunity to take a “behind the scenes” look at the relationship between provider and patient and the medical decision-making process that occurs during a patient encounter. You will gain exposure to so much more than what you would get to see on an occasional shadow or volunteer shift at your local hospital or physician’s office.

You will be exposed to:

  • Medical terminology, labs and imaging performed, common drugs, anatomy and physiology terminology
  • Use of the electronic medical record (EMR) software
  • Common medical procedures that occur during the shift
  • Provider billing and documentation requirements

In addition, you can use these hours on your applications for shadowing requirements.  If that was not enough, you also gain the experience of building a network with other scribes.  We have over 90 Scribes.  Most are planning to apply to Medical, PA or Nursing School.  We also have a large network of scribes that have left their positions to attend Medical School and PA school.  Some have come back to us as current PA’s. All unequivocally agree that the scribe experience was invaluable and put them ahead of their peers.

For more information on what a scribe does, please explore our Duties, Job Requirements and Frequently Asked Questions pages.

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